2023 High School Mock Trial Competition

Written by Lancaster and Eure

On February 18th, several local high school teams participated in a Mock Trial Competition held at the Silvertooth Judicial Center in Sarasota, Florida.
Teams from Booker High School, Riverview High School, Manatee School for the Arts, Sarasota Christian School, and Invictus Academy participated in the competition. Each of the mock trials included a sitting judge, scoring judges, court reporters, a bailiff, and students serving in attorney and witness roles. The teams conducted full trials, including questioning witnesses on the stand, performing direct and cross examination, moving exhibits into evidence, and making objections.
Congratulations to Invictus Academy, whose team took top honors at the event! As is often the case in trial, the competition was close and all of the teams exhibited their knowledge and preparation for the competition.
Attorney Eric M. Christiansen of Lancaster & Eure participated in the competition as a scoring judge, and after scoring one of the trials, is convinced that there are promising future lawyers among the high school students who participated in the competition!