Academy at Glengary Benefits Presentation

Written by Lancaster and Eure

This week we had a wonderful presentation from Beth Levine, Attorney at Law with Lancaster & Eure, who provided a basic overview of what kind of disability benefits exist and what the application process and eligibility requirements look like. This is so helpful for a lot of us at the Academy, and it is even more helpful to be able to invite our families. There were so many questions from parents and members.

Applying for benefits is a difficult undertaking, and so many of our situations are unique, but Beth still took the time to consider a lot of unique situations, and talk about some of the tricks and tips in handling this very complex and intense process. Talking with her afterwards, it was clear to me that she really cared about helping people in similar situations to us, and really valued coming here. Knowing that the Academy is not just focusing on helping me get a job, but my overall situation and well being, makes me feel the same way.