How the Pandemic has Changed the Way Social Security Hearings are Conducted

Written by Lancaster and Eure

Shortly after the Pandemic began in March 2020,  all in-person hearings before Administrative Law Judges were cancelled. Within a few months, Social Security allowed Claimants to schedule their hearings via teleconference. Soon thereafter, Claimants had a choice to also do hearings via video conference.

As a result, the team at Lancaster and Eure has assisted our clients in participating in over 100 telephonic and video hearings with excellent results.

Recently,  we were informed beginning May 4, 2022,  Administrative Law Judges may volunteer to conduct hearings in person and by June 3, 2022, all hearings will be conducted in person, unless there are medical restrictions which would prevent them from doing so.

No matter how hearings are held (by telephone, by video or in person) the team at Lancaster and Eure are committed to making sure that all our Claimants are prepared when the time comes to present their case at Hearing  to secure the best outcome possible.