Paralegal Post of the Week:

Written by Lancaster and Eure

I received a call to attend a new Doctor appointment. Should I automatically just go?

As a general rule to our clients regarding receiving an appointment letter for a new doctor.  If you receive notice from the Carrier, a doctor’s office, nurse case manager or medical coordination company telling you to attend an appointment with a new doctor or a doctor that you have not previously seen, you need to reach out to our office immediately to discuss.  Many times appointments are set with physicians that are out of town or a distance too far for you to travel, or it may be an independent medical evaluation [IME] or a number of other things or reasons.  Your attorney must always be informed of appointments with new doctors.  We will advise you whether or not to attend.  We want to make sure that it is the correct specialty or for a permissible appointment.  Even if our firm is carbon copied or cc’d on the bottom of the letter, you cannot assume that we received the notice so, please, always call us and let us give you directions.  That’s what we’re here for.

By attending an appointment that we could have otherwise objected to, you may be locked into that doctor without us having the subsequent ability to object.  We want to make sure that you do not waive any rights.

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