Personal Injury: The Importance of Documenting and Diagnosing Your Injuries

Written by Lancaster and Eure

While some people may have pain immediately, others may feel pain hours or even days after the accident. Seek treatment as soon as you are feeling pain, whether it be a hospital, urgent care facility, or primary care physician. Be clear and concise with all your pain. Every injury, no matter how small, needs to be documented. People tend to focus only on the most severe pain, however, until all your injuries are evaluated you will not know which injury is more severe. Failing to document an injury from the beginning may result in that injury not being diagnosed.

Once you have a medical professional document your injuries, they may recommend tests or scans to better provide you with a diagnosis. At this point you can fine tune your treatment and specialize your care, whether it be through a chiropractor, physical therapist, or orthopedic specialist.  The road to recovery is different for each person but the importance of documenting and diagnosing the injury is crucial for all.  Contact Attorney Annalisa Costanzo for further information.

Annalisa M. Costanzo