Products Liability

If you have been injured by a defective product, you may be entitled to compensation for all of your expenses and losses due to your injuries. Every case is different, and demonstrating that the manufacturer of the product is responsible for the hazards created and the injuries or deaths that resulted is not easy. Therefore, seeking the advice of an experienced attorney for insight on your losses and rights is extremely important.

The experienced product liability attorneys at Lancaster & Eure put your well-being first and listen closely to the details of your case to understand the best course of action for you. We know your rights as an individual who has been injured by a defective product in Florida and will advocate for them, making sure you receive the maximum compensation possible for your physical and/or emotional suffering.

The dangers of defective products are, of course, as varied as the types of products available including medical devices, vehicles, electronics, and other household products. However, what all defective products have in common is that they can be traced back to their manufacturer and negligence that resulted in the defect can be detected. Experience shows that negligence arises from one of two areas: poor product design or manufacturing error. The former results in a defect at the start of the manufacturing process and, therefore, affects all units of the product, whereas the latter leads to a defect during manufacturing and may not affect all units of the product.

Manufacturers are responsible for the injuries and deaths caused by the design or manufacturing errors of their products. Proving that the manufacturer is at fault and receiving due compensation for your losses can be difficult, but we will fight aggressively for the maximum amount possible to compensate you for your suffering and ensure that others in Florida are not endangered by the same product.

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