Social Security Overpayment Notices

Written by Lancaster and Eure
Overpayment Notice

If you are a recipient of Social Security disability benefits, your continued entitlement to those benefits goes under review after a period of time. In some cases, Social Security may find that your condition has improved enough that you are able to return to work, or they may find that you have earned enough wages during your disability period that you are no longer eligible for monthly benefits. A notice of overpayment can be a stressful and overwhelming letter to receive in the mail. However, you have options to help reinstate your disability benefits.

First, it is important to respond to the notice of overpayment as soon as possible. If you respond within 10 days of receiving the letter, you may be able to continue receiving monthly benefits while you appeal the overpayment decision.

Secondly, review their reasoning for ceasing benefits. Are there medical records that the SSA has not received? Is your income information correct? Benefits are often suspended based off of a lack of communication or misunderstanding.

You have 60 days to appeal an overpayment decision. As soon as a notice of overpayment is received, you should prepare your documentation and begin the search for representation. The experienced attorneys at Lancaster and Eure can fight on your behalf to reinstate your disability benefits. Call now for a free consultation.