To Move your Workers’ Comp Medical Treatment Forward, “Get It in Writing!”

Written by Lancaster and Eure

Injured workers often face delays in care, such as requests for MRIs or PT, for weeks or months. The delays just get worse when a doctor orders surgery.Lancaster & Eure can help injured workers get care much more quickly, and you can help us move cases forward quickly by getting treatment orders in writing.

The law requires workers’ comp doctors to complete a standard form called a DWC-25 at each office visit. This DWC-25 form should include all care orders.Even if the doctor does not complete the DWC-25 form, a doctor ordering an MRI, physical therapy, or other medical treatment will write an order for such care as part of the doctor’s normal paper records.When you get an order for care in writing at the time of the doctor visit, and then give that order to us right away, we can take quick steps to make a claim for that care, which helps speed things up.

If you have delays in your workers’ compensation medical care, there is a simple answer. “Get it in writing” from the doctor, and then speak to the Workers’ Compensation team at Lancaster & Eure!