Written by Lancaster and Eure

People talk about injured workers committing fraud in the Workers’ Compensation system.  Now, there’s a new twist and fraud on the part of the insurance companies.  In such cases, investigators pretend to be servicemen knocking on doors of injured workers portraying themselves to be there on behalf of utility companies, phone and cable providers and various other companies in order to gain access to the home of injured workers.  They do this in an attempt to surveil within the four walls of their own homes.
If you are an injured worker and you did not call a vendor to come repair something in your home, do not let these contractors come in your house or outside on your property, to inspect  wires, lines, pipes or cables.  If they do, there may be an action against them in civil court.  We have even been told by some companies delivering medical equipment or doing home inspections that they have been paid a special fee to bring an investigator along with them to get the investigator into your home without your knowledge.
If anyone ever comes to your house that meets this situation, make sure to take a picture of the person and get a tag number. Be on the lookout for any of these shenanigans and contact us right away if it happens.