Workers’ Compensation – One Time Change

Written by Lancaster and Eure

One-time change?  Don’t use it until you speak with us!
Injured workers in Florida can request a one time change in doctor.  It is called a “one time” change because you can only request a one time change once during the case, even if the case stays open for years, or has more than one type of doctor who gives care to you.
The right to a one-time change in doctor is thus vital to you  It is not good for you to use the one-time change when you don’t know how the doctors can help or hurt your case.
An injured worker without a lawyer can use the one time change in a way that hurts the case.  This makes it harder for the injured worker to get lost wages and medical care.
If you have a Florida work injury case, set a free meeting with one of the experienced lawyers at Lancaster & Eure.  We can help you with one time changes in doctor and the rest of the workers’ compensation law, and help you get the lost wages and care you deserve.